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Tourism & Community Enhancement

Tourism Objectives
Objective is to improve the tourism product in McIntosh County; to offer a wider diversity of tourism products to potential visitors. Increasing visitation will increase sales tax revenue.

The task force plans to develop a plan to execute the Tourism Resource Team’s report for McIntosh County and identify additional tourism opportunities.

  • Committee will recruit subcommittees based on tourism type (i.e. ecotourism, cultural heritage tourism, etc.) to execute tourism product recommendations for the report, as well as identify new potential products.

  • Work with the Tourism Project Manager for the Coast for Georgia Department of Economic Development, to identify funding sources.

Benchmarks include:

  • The development and adjustment of a list of recommended tourism products from the tourism report.

  • List current tourism products to expand.

  • List of potential new tourism  products not already identified.

  • Create and execute target  marketing of tourism products.

  • Increase sales tax income.

Community Enhancement Objectives

The objective is to put a plan in place to improve the appearance of our community, while providing activities and facilities for the well being of the community.

  • Areas to focus on are Community Beautification with involvement with the Keep McIntosh Beautiful organization to develop plans and projects to make areas cleaner and presentable.

  • Improve facilities through SPLOST proceeds. The county has plans  to make improvements with recreational and emergency  management, including parks, leisure service facilities, new fire houses, EMA facilities and police sub stations.
    Focus will be placed on restoring the recreational facilities at Eulonia Park, with the help of Recreation Director.

Benchmarks for this task force:

  • Create a list of completed SPLOST projects and a list of upcoming SPLOST projects.

  • Keeping people informed of the improvements being made in community. www.keepmcintoshbeautiful.com

  • Create list of upcoming clean up plans; involve businesses in clean up plans.

  • Promote recreational activities; and develop more recreational/social activities for adults.